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31 August 2015 - 10:20:28am

I received the results of my DNA test recently, and am now trying to understand what can be deduced from them. I belong to the G-U1 Haplogroup, which is quite a small, rare set of people. There is a project set up to analyse the results of the people in this group, and I have joined the project. Some 500 people who have tested are in the Haplogroup, but my analysis puts me in a sub-group of only about 100, whose deep ancestry comes from North-western Europe some 3000 years ago. More specifically I have a mutation which arose in England between 900 and 1100 years ago, and this is shared by only 16 people who have tested, 8 of whom have the surname Bentley, and have a common ancestor who lived in Bedfordshire in the 17th Century. More interestingly I share the mutation with one person named Chorley, and one named Charnley. It will be interesting to find out whether I share this marker with other people named Charsley, and with any named Cheasley or Cheesley! Most of the 16 people are estimated to share an ancestor between 400 and 800 years ago, and it is not surprising that they do not share a surname, as most surnames were adopted about 500 years ago!
I am trying to find out whether the mutation occurred before 1066, and can be closed down to Viking or Saxon ancestry, or of course the Celts, but it is likely to rule out the Norman French! I am told it is not likely to be Viking, as there are very few of the G-U1 Haplogroup in Scandinavia. The problem with so few results is that nothing is very certain.
Now for some recruitment! It would be very helpful if another member of my extended family would volunteer, preferably someone a good genetic distance from me, to confirm that my genes are representative of the line. Also I am looking for 2 volunteers from the Buckinghamshire Charsley line. After that, it would be good to get some Cheasley and Cheesley volunteers, to check whether we are all related. Volunteers must be able to raise the £80 for a test, as I have no funds to subsidise testing. That may come later, when we have built up a head of steam, but for the moment it needs to be self-funding. The sample must be from a male, as it is the Y chromosome that is tested, and it would be clearly helpful to be reasonably confident of his paternity! If you are interested in testing, please let me know, as I can buy the discounted test kit via the Guild of One Name Studies.
Announcing the Charsley DNA Project for the surnames Charsley, Cheasley, and Cheesley.
27 April 2015 - 6:00:31pm

We encourage you to join today!

I am excited to announce that the Charsley DNA Project has been established at Family Tree DNA, and it is ready for participants to join and order a test kit.

I have ordered my test kit to represent my family tree. Ideally, our goal is to have two distant direct line males test for each family tree. I will put information about the main family trees on my website soon ‎(‎

The Y DNA test tells you about your direct male line, which would be your father, his father, and back in time. You must be male to take this test, and you should have one of the surnames shown. If you believe there is a Charsley or variant in your direct male line, although you have a different surname, you are also welcome to participate. If you are female, please find a direct line male to participate, to represent your tree.

We encourage males to order a Y DNA test for 37 markers, if possible. If you order fewer markers, you can upgrade later, though this costs a little more.

As our project grows, we will have many exciting discoveries.

Participating is an opportunity to uncover information not provided in the paper records, which will help with your research of your family tree. We will also discover which family trees are related. As the project progresses, the results for the various family trees will provide information about the origin and evolution of our surnames.

The goals of the project are:
* Discover information to help with our family history research
* Discover which family trees are related
* Discover information to help with brick walls
* Confirm surname variants
* Validate family history research
* Get on file a DNA sample for trees at risk of extinction of the male line
* Discover information about our distant origins

The test is a harmless genealogy test of locations on the Y chromosome, called markers, which are passed from father to son, typically unchanged. The test result is a string of numbers, and contains no personal information. You will be an exact or close match to those men to whom you are related. By also testing a distant direct line male in your family tree, if possible, you will validate the family tree research to the common ancestor shared by both men who test. In addition, the test result will tell you about your distant origins.

We have also established a General Fund, to accept donations in any currency via credit card. These funds will be held at the testing company, and used to help sponsor test kits for key males who are unable financially to participate. We encourage you to make a donation. Click on the link below to visit the project web site, and then click "Contribute to the Project General Fund" on the left to make a donation. If you decide to donate, please specify "Charsley Project General Fund" in the top box of the Donation form.

Both males and females may also be interested in learning about their direct female line, which would be their mother, their mother's mother, and back in time. You would order a mtDNA test. For matches in a genealogical time frame, order the mtDNA Plus test.

We encourage you to join us in our discoveries. The cost of a test kit is currently £80 if ordered via the Guild of One Name Studies, but is more expensive if ordered Family Tree DNA. If you are intere3sted in participating, please contact me directly by email.

Phil Charsley
First Update of 2015
2 March 2015 - 9:30:13pm

Again I only managed one update last year, so I must try harder this year. I have tried to keep up with new entries on Ancestry, and have also concentrated on the census entries, searching for all those strange spellings and even stranger transcriptions! Fortunately several other people have been there before me, and have entered what Ancestry calls "alternate" spellings. This exercise has allowed me to find quite a few families that had eluded me before.
I am not going to give a lot of statistics, because I am now starting on my next challenge, a DNA study - watch this space!
First Update of 2014
7 January 2014 - 6:16:35pm

How embarrassing, my first update of 2013 was also my last! Hopefully I will do better in 2014, but now that I have a polytunnel on my allotment, the winter weather does not stop me gardening, so less time for family history.

2013 was not a year of great progress, slow and steady describes it better. I have added a number of new Australian Cheesley and Cheasley people, using Electoral Roll information from 1903 to 1980 from,uk, but have not been able to link many of them, as I do not have a world membership, so cannot look up their addresses! Alas, no great breakthroughs, but ancestry has recently improved its automatic search function, and produces a lot of hints related to the out-of date tree I uploaded to them some time ago. When I have worked through the hints they generate now, I will load an updated tree to see what new hints that generates!

The results of the last 12 months of work can be seen in the table below, where Total Trees counts trees of one or more persons, whereas the next line excludes single unlinked people. There are 60 more people in the database, and most of them have joined an existing tree. Since some duplicates have also been removed the number of new people will be more like 80.
The next lines indicate the numbers of related people in each of the 8 largest trees.

--------------------------December----February-------December ----January---January
Total Individuals------7500-----------7668------------8136----------8150--------8210
Total Trees ------------1838----------1896-------------2066---------1989---------2010
Trees over 1 person--1131----------1147-------------1246---------1209---------1206
Charsley ‎‎‎(Bucks)‎‎‎-------912------------913-------------933------------962-----------969
Charsley ‎‎‎(Middx)‎‎‎-------603------------603-------------624------------634-----------645
Cheesley ‎‎‎(Surrey)‎‎‎------366------------366-------------366------------370-----------375
Cheesley ‎‎‎(Wilts)‎‎‎--------202------------168-------------168------------271-----------273
Cheasley ‎‎‎(Middx)‎‎‎-------217------------217-------------273------------302-----------302
Cheesley ‎‎‎(Wilts 2)‎‎‎------161------------144-------------144------------186-----------186
Cheasley ‎‎‎(Middx 2)‎‎‎-----135------------112-------------118------------117-----------117
Cheasley ‎‎‎(N London)‎‎‎------------------------------------111------------112-----------112

The 8 largest trees include all those with more than 100 individuals, and only the first 4 have grown during the year. Last year I said that the next 10 trees had between 30 and 82 people in them, and this is still the case. They are all Cheasley or Cheesley, but there are 2 unlinked Charsley trees ‎‎‎(30 and 29 members)‎‎‎ and both are in South Africa! I continue looking for information to link more trees, and so help would be greatly appreciated.

If any of you find anything that might help, please let me know!
Phil Charsley
7 January 2014
First Update of 2013
26 January 2013 - 5:35:05pm

January has been a month of some progress on Family History, as the weather has not tempted me out much. I have made some significant progress on people and events in Australia with the help of a couple of correspondents, one of whom introduced me to the free website This has a fantastic collection of scanned newspapers, and good search tools. I have searched for Charsley, Cheesley and Cheasley, and found lots of interesting stories to add to my database. This then lead me on to look at scanned newspapers for UK, via a page on Wikipedia. Sadly, most of them are pay to view, except for The London Gazette. This, however, was very useful, with lots about armed forces, bankrupts and wills. Once again I have found lots for Charsley, Cheesley and Cheasley, and added it to my database.

The results of the last 13 months of work can be seen in the table below, where Total Trees counts trees of one or more persons, whereas the next line excludes single unlinked people. The next lines indicate the numbers of related people in each of the 8 largest trees.

--------------------------April-----December----February-------December ----January
Total Individuals------7702------7500----------7668------------8136----------8150
Total Trees -----------1908------1838----------1896-------------2066---------1989
Trees over 1 person-1156------1131-----------1147------------1246---------1209
Charsley ‎‎(Bucks)‎‎------913--------912------------913-------------933-----------962
Charsley ‎‎(Middx)‎‎------606--------603------------603-------------624-----------634
Cheesley ‎‎(Surrey)‎‎-----366--------366------------366-------------366-----------370
Cheesley ‎‎(Wilts)‎‎-------168--------202------------168-------------168-----------271
Cheasley ‎‎(Middx)‎‎------217--------217------------217-------------273----------302
Cheesley ‎‎(Wilts 2)‎‎-----144--------161------------144-------------144----------186
Cheasley ‎‎(Middx 2)‎‎---112---------135-----------112-------------118-----------117
Cheasley ‎‎(N London)‎‎------------------------------------------------111----------112

The 8 largest trees include all those with more than 100 individuals, and they have almost all grown a bit during the year, which explains why the total number of trees has fallen. The next 10 trees with between 30 and 82 people in them, I have not been so lucky with. They are all Cheasley or Cheesley, but there are 2 unlinked Charsley trees ‎‎(30 and 29 members)‎‎ and both are in South Africa! I will continue trying to link more trees, and so am always on the lookout for new historical sources.

If any of you find anything that might help, please let me know!
Phil Charsley
26 January 2013
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Charsley, Henry Henryabout September 1643372Death 
Charsley, Henry James Henry JamesSeptember 1897118Death 
Charsley, James JamesSeptember 1752263Death 
Charsley, John Johnabout September 1904111Death 
Charsley, John Johnabout September 1618397Birth 
Charsley, John JohnSeptember 1854161Death 
Charsley, John ‎(Johanes)‎ John (Johanes)about September 1616399Birth 
Charsley, John Joseph
Wishart, Rhoda Ann
John JosephSeptember 1905110Marriage 
Charsley, John Parker John ParkerSeptember 1828187Death 
Charsley, John Slater
Russell, Ann
John Slater1 September 1859156Marriage 
Charsley, Joseph Joseph1 September 1833182Baptism 
Charsley, Joseph
Dutton, Lucy
JosephSeptember 1858157Marriage 
Charsley, Lucy Lucyabout September 1614401Birth 
Charsley, Malcolm Allington Malcolm AllingtonSeptember 200411Burial 
Charsley, Maria Mariaabout September 1580435Birth 
Charsley, Nathaniel Nathanielabout September 1740275Birth 
Charsley, Noel Douglas Noel DouglasSeptember 200411Death 
Charsley, Robert RobertSeptember 1838177Birth 
Charsley, Ronald Arthur W Ronald Arthur WSeptember 200411Death 
Charsley, Thomas ThomasSeptember 1645370Death 
Charsley, Violet Maud Violet MaudSeptember 191897Burial 
Charsley, Walter Augustine
Barnfield, Catherine
Walter Augustine1 September 191699Marriage 
Charsley, William William1 September 1833182Birth 
Charsley, William Williamabout September 1789226Death 
Charsley, William Cyril William Cyril1 September 1901114Birth 
Charsly, Ann Annabout September 1690325Birth 
Charsly, Child Childabout September 1612403Death 
Charsly, James Jamesabout September 1674341Birth 
Charsly, Joan Joanabout September 1606409Birth 
Charsly, John Johnabout September 1695320Birth 
Chaseley, Thomas Thomasabout September 1820195Birth 
Chaseley, William John William Johnabout September 1905110Death 
Chasely, Mary Maryabout September 1715300Birth 
Chasely, Thomas Thomasabout September 1778237Birth 
Chasely, Timothy Timothyabout September 1832183Death 
Cheaseley, Thomas Thomasabout September 1759256Death 
Cheasley, Eliza ElizaSeptember 1891124Death 
Cheasley, John Roy John RoySeptember 198728Death 
Cheasley, Thomas Cecil Thomas Cecilabout September 1889126Birth 
Cheasley, Thomas Clifford Thomas Cliffordabout September 1858157Birth 
Cheesley, Andrew Kenneth Andrew KennethSeptember 198530Death 
Cheesley, Ann AnnSeptember 1715300Death 
Cheesley, David Leonard David Leonardabout September 1905110Birth 
Cheesley, Edgar Charles Edgar Charlesabout September 1890125Birth 
Cheesley, Edith Caroline Edith Carolineabout 1 September 1900115Birth 
Cheesley, Florence Beatrice Florence Beatriceabout September 1904111Birth 
Cheesley, George Georgeabout September 1854161Death 
Cheesley, Harold Reginald Harold ReginaldSeptember 198728Death 
Cheesley, Ivy Ivyabout September 1910105Birth 
Cheesley, Jack JackSeptember 198728Death 
Cheesley, James Jamesabout September 1715300Birth 
Cheesley, James JamesSeptember 1859156Burial 
Cheesley, Louisa Dagmar Louisa DagmarSeptember 1872143Death 
Cheesley, Mary Ann Mary Annabout September 1836179Birth 
Cheesley, Percy Henry Percy Henryabout September 1881134Death 
Cheesley, Roger David Roger DavidSeptember 199817Death 
Cheesley, William Williamabout September 1783232Birth 
Cheisley, Stephen Stephenabout September 1722293Birth 
Chersley, Alis Alisabout September 1561454Birth 
Chersley, Elizabeth Elizabethabout September 1676339Death 
Chersley, Elizabeth Elizabethabout September 1615400Birth 
Cherslye, Margaret Margaret1 September 1540475Baptism 
Chesley, Anne Anneabout September 1727288Death 
Chesley, Anne Anneabout September 1726289Birth 
Chesley, Johna Johnaabout September 1569446Birth 
Chesly, John John1 September 1577438Birth 
Chisley, Frances Francesabout September 1818197Birth 
Chisley, Henry Henryabout September 1636379Birth 
Chisley, James Jamesabout September 1690325Birth 
Chisley, Jane Janeabout September 1680335Death 
Chisley, John Johnabout September 1807208Birth 
Chisley, John Johnabout September 1844171Death 
Chisley, Mary Ann Mary Annabout September 1817198Birth 
Chisley, Richard RichardSeptember 1791224Death 
Chisley, Thomas Thomasabout September 1824191Birth 
Chisly, James Jamesabout September 1729286Birth 
Chursby, James Jamesabout September 1828187Death 
Dunn, Mary Maryabout September 1715300Death 
Galvin, May MaySeptember 199619Death 
Hood, John
Charsley, Caroline
John1 September 1853162Marriage 
Morris, Sarah Alice Sarah AliceSeptember 198728Death 
Northeast, Frederick
Charsley, Florence Ellen
Frederick1 September 1909106Marriage 
Rae-Fraser, Douglas E
Charsley, Margaret Eileen
Douglas ESeptember 192095Marriage 
Tyler, Eileen Florence Eileen FlorenceSeptember 200411Death 
Williams, William
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WilliamSeptember 1877138Marriage 

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