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Earliest birth yearJohanne Chelesey ‎(I2623)‎
Birth about 1280
Death Yes
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearWilliam Chaddesley ‎(I2701)‎
Death 1375 -- Merton, Surrey, England
Latest death year Philip Robert Allington Charsley ‎(I2992)‎
Birth 17 November 1935 23 27 -- Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia
Death June 2013 ‎(Age 77)‎ -- Norseman, Western Australia, Australia
Person who lived the longest
Ethel Louise Peacock ‎(I3904)‎
Birth 20 April 1899
Death January 2000 ‎(Age 100)‎ -- Surrey South Eastern, Surrey, England
Average age at death
Males: 47   Females: 48
Family with the most children
Alfred John Cheesley + Amy Tranter ‎(F2378)‎
Marriage 1904 -- Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, Great Britain
Average number of children per family
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First Update of 2014
7 January 2014 - 6:16:35pm

How embarrassing, my first update of 2013 was also my last! Hopefully I will do better in 2014, but now that I have a polytunnel on my allotment, the winter weather does not stop me gardening, so less time for family history.

2013 was not a year of great progress, slow and steady describes it better. I have added a number of new Australian Cheesley and Cheasley people, using Electoral Roll information from 1903 to 1980 from,uk, but have not been able to link many of them, as I do not have a world membership, so cannot look up their addresses! Alas, no great breakthroughs, but ancestry has recently improved its automatic search function, and produces a lot of hints related to the out-of date tree I uploaded to them some time ago. When I have worked through the hints they generate now, I will load an updated tree to see what new hints that generates!

The results of the last 12 months of work can be seen in the table below, where Total Trees counts trees of one or more persons, whereas the next line excludes single unlinked people. There are 60 more people in the database, and most of them have joined an existing tree. Since some duplicates have also been removed the number of new people will be more like 80.
The next lines indicate the numbers of related people in each of the 8 largest trees.

--------------------------December----February-------December ----January---January
Total Individuals------7500-----------7668------------8136----------8150--------8210
Total Trees ------------1838----------1896-------------2066---------1989---------2010
Trees over 1 person--1131----------1147-------------1246---------1209---------1206
Charsley ‎‎‎(Bucks)‎‎‎-------912------------913-------------933------------962-----------969
Charsley ‎‎‎(Middx)‎‎‎-------603------------603-------------624------------634-----------645
Cheesley ‎‎‎(Surrey)‎‎‎------366------------366-------------366------------370-----------375
Cheesley ‎‎‎(Wilts)‎‎‎--------202------------168-------------168------------271-----------273
Cheasley ‎‎‎(Middx)‎‎‎-------217------------217-------------273------------302-----------302
Cheesley ‎‎‎(Wilts 2)‎‎‎------161------------144-------------144------------186-----------186
Cheasley ‎‎‎(Middx 2)‎‎‎-----135------------112-------------118------------117-----------117
Cheasley ‎‎‎(N London)‎‎‎------------------------------------111------------112-----------112

The 8 largest trees include all those with more than 100 individuals, and only the first 4 have grown during the year. Last year I said that the next 10 trees had between 30 and 82 people in them, and this is still the case. They are all Cheasley or Cheesley, but there are 2 unlinked Charsley trees ‎‎‎(30 and 29 members)‎‎‎ and both are in South Africa! I continue looking for information to link more trees, and so help would be greatly appreciated.

If any of you find anything that might help, please let me know!
Phil Charsley
7 January 2014
First Update of 2013
26 January 2013 - 5:35:05pm

January has been a month of some progress on Family History, as the weather has not tempted me out much. I have made some significant progress on people and events in Australia with the help of a couple of correspondents, one of whom introduced me to the free website This has a fantastic collection of scanned newspapers, and good search tools. I have searched for Charsley, Cheesley and Cheasley, and found lots of interesting stories to add to my database. This then lead me on to look at scanned newspapers for UK, via a page on Wikipedia. Sadly, most of them are pay to view, except for The London Gazette. This, however, was very useful, with lots about armed forces, bankrupts and wills. Once again I have found lots for Charsley, Cheesley and Cheasley, and added it to my database.

The results of the last 13 months of work can be seen in the table below, where Total Trees counts trees of one or more persons, whereas the next line excludes single unlinked people. The next lines indicate the numbers of related people in each of the 8 largest trees.

--------------------------April-----December----February-------December ----January
Total Individuals------7702------7500----------7668------------8136----------8150
Total Trees -----------1908------1838----------1896-------------2066---------1989
Trees over 1 person-1156------1131-----------1147------------1246---------1209
Charsley ‎‎(Bucks)‎‎------913--------912------------913-------------933-----------962
Charsley ‎‎(Middx)‎‎------606--------603------------603-------------624-----------634
Cheesley ‎‎(Surrey)‎‎-----366--------366------------366-------------366-----------370
Cheesley ‎‎(Wilts)‎‎-------168--------202------------168-------------168-----------271
Cheasley ‎‎(Middx)‎‎------217--------217------------217-------------273----------302
Cheesley ‎‎(Wilts 2)‎‎-----144--------161------------144-------------144----------186
Cheasley ‎‎(Middx 2)‎‎---112---------135-----------112-------------118-----------117
Cheasley ‎‎(N London)‎‎------------------------------------------------111----------112

The 8 largest trees include all those with more than 100 individuals, and they have almost all grown a bit during the year, which explains why the total number of trees has fallen. The next 10 trees with between 30 and 82 people in them, I have not been so lucky with. They are all Cheasley or Cheesley, but there are 2 unlinked Charsley trees ‎‎(30 and 29 members)‎‎ and both are in South Africa! I will continue trying to link more trees, and so am always on the lookout for new historical sources.

If any of you find anything that might help, please let me know!
Phil Charsley
26 January 2013
Christmas Update
23 December 2012 - 2:38:48pm

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all users. My final update for 2012 went up today. I have caught up with all of the 1911 Census records, and also a lot of electoral roll information. There have been various other updates over the last 6 months, but I cannot remember them all, so have a look to see if anything has changed where you are interested.
It is that time of year when we catch up with family members, so see if you can extract any reminiscences that could be useful to flesh out the site. It is time that we added potted histories for our parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles. If you can contribute a couple of paragraphs, I would be happy to add it to the site. If you have old photos, and can identify the people on them please scan and send to me, as I think it is time we included these.
I am not sure how much I will be adding to the site in the immediate future, as I have decided to flesh out my own tree, adding my mother’s family and my paternal grandmother’s family. This latter is not too difficult, as the Jefferies name is not too common. However, my mother was a Cox, and her mother a Chapman, and these are not easy families to trace.
I wish you all a health and prosperous 2013, and hope to hear from you during the year!
Frequently Asked Questions ‎(FAQ)‎
9 April 2012 - 11:10:17am

Under the \"Help\" button there is an entry called FAQ. If you select it you will now find some questions and answers to help new users to find their family tree. If you have ever had problems using the site, please contact me with a suggested question, so that Nick and I can work out an answer, and add it to the FAQ list.

First Update of 2012
9 February 2012 - 2:34:45pm

I think this must be my shortest time between updates, just about 8 weeks! We have had some security issues on the site, and I am sorry if Google shows your birth details! Google managed to find a way into the site, short circuiting the Privacy arrangements. This has now been stopped, but I am afraid if it found your details they will be on the web for some time, as they keep copies of the pages. At least now if you follow the link, you cannot access other private data without signing in!
I have continued my task of reviewing each record in turn, and have now made it up to record 4000. Almost half way! Recently this review has alowwed me to merge quite a number of records, by identifying ladies whose deaths were recorded, but where I had not found their maiden names. This merging has brought the number of individuals down from 8136 last time to 8041 this time. I am sure there are still more duplicates to find. I have also started to review Ancestry\'s latest database, Electoral Rolls for London, going back to about 1880. This is another source of addresses, and has been helpful in following peoples moves around London, especially between Census years. It is amazing how often many people moved a hundred years ago. You will also note that we have a new youngest entry ‎(latest birth date)‎ Congratulation to father Barron, my informant. If you know of any recent births marriages or deaths please let me know ‎(checking of course that those near to them are happy for the information to appear!)‎
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31 January 2015 - 12:42:07am

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